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Come and discover the Eiffel Tower: the only trip to the top of its kind in Europe, one where emotions carry you away. From the esplanade to the summit you will experience a whole series of emotions. Soak in the breathtakingly unique views of Paris from every floor, feel the goose bumps as you walk the glass floor on the 1st floor, experience the incredible ascent by stairway or lift, the indescribable awe at the tonnes of iron above you as you stand on the esplanade. Vertigo grips you as you leave the lift at the top of the tower and see the people down on the Champs-de-Mars and the cars driving along Trocadéro! And the Eiffel Tower always has something to offer, day or night, summer or winter!

Tickets without queue
Priority access without queue at the box office. Make sure you enter the most visited monument in the world with the advance purchase. Buy your ticket now and the day of your visit go directly to the entrance of the monument, and avoid the ticket counter or the lack of ticket availability.


Adult: 25€ (>25 years old)

Young: 18€ (12-24 years old)

Child: 10€ (4-11 years old)

Children under 3 years free, accompanied by an adult (require entry)


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The Esplanade

Dominated by the Eiffel Tower that soars upwards in all its splendour, the esplanade affords spectacular views of the tower.
Under its spell and filled with wonder, you will perceive the delicate finesse of its paddled iron structure, counterbalanced by the sturdiness of the four pillars (East, South, North, and West). The Tower stands upon these four legs to reach a height of 324m, high above your head. From here, in the heart of Pans, you admire the historic ass between Trocadero and Ecole Militaire. The tower is climbed through its legs, which house lifts and stairways.

Esplanade attractions

The 1899 lift machinery

A technical feat

Did you know that the hydraulic machines which operate the Tower’s lifts (at the East and West pillars) are more than a century old? Of course they’ve been restored and computerised since but they are still in use !

These imposing hydraulic machines designed by Gustave Eiffel are located in the basement.

Gustave Eiffel sculpted by Bourdelle

In 1929, at the suggestion of Général Ferrié an application was submitted for a bust of Gustave Eiffel to be made.

Created by the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle (assisted by the architects Auguste Perret and André Granet), the bust was inaugurated on 2 May by the Secretary of State for postal and telecommunications services in the presence of a host of scientific personalities and members of the Eiffel family.

You can see this bust at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, at the corner of the North pillar.

The Information desk

Do you have a question about visiting the Eiffel Tower ?

Located at the West pillar of the monument, there’s an information desk where you can pick up all sorts of useful leaflets about the Tower.

1st floor

The 1st floor is one of the most spectacular and attractive locations in Paris thanks to its oblique, transparent architecture and experience of the breath-taking drop. Set off and explore the history of the Eiffel Tower, feel the thrill of the glass floor, and see Paris sprawl away beneath your feet…

1st Floor Attractions

The transparent floor

Don’t look down!

With its transparent floor and its new glass balustrades, the 1st floor offers you a brand-new experience and a breath-taking view.

Walk on the glass floor, 57m from the ground, and experience the unique sensation of stepping out into the void.

But you need have no fears: a non-slip treatment has been applied, with a transparency effect that increases gradually from the interior towards the central space and covering 1.85m at its largest.


An immersion show

Projected onto 3 walls by 7 projectors, this immersion show will plunge you into the Eiffel Tower universe.

Find it in the Ferrié Pavilion.

A new cultural path

Screens, touch screens, displays, digital albums, reproductions of items, etc. allow you to find out about all aspects of the Eiffel Tower, many little known.

Follow it along the outer passageway.

Services and areas designed for relaxation

Places for rest and contemplation, restaurants, shops: facilities that invite you to enjoy a pleasant pause with stunning views of Paris.

Find it in the Ferrié Pavilion.

Spiral staircase section

Did you know that originally it was a spiral staircase which linked the second floor to the top? Gustave Eiffel would use it to reach the office that he‘d set up for himself! As it had become obsolete, the staircase was taken down in 1983.

Twenty sections were subsequently sold at auction for a very good price.

On the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, you can take a closer look at one of the remaining pieces of this historic staircase. It measures 4.30 meters in height.

Children tour “Follow Gus”

Enjoy exploring the Tower

The little Gus character, dressed in the style of Gustave Eiffel, accompanies children on a fun and educational experience dedicated to children aged 6 to 10.

Equipped with a bilingual French-English booklet-game and a little pencil provided for them, young visitors learn a thousand aspects of the history of the Eiffel Tower, about its creator but also about the landscape of Paris seen from that level.

Signs bearing the Gus character guide children through each stage of the tour.

The 2nd Floor

Your arrival on the 2nd floor is marked by amazement: Paris in all her splendour greets your incredulous eyes. You will enjoy clear views of all of the French capital’s monuments: the Louvre, Grand Palais, the bends in the Seine, Montmartre, Invalides, Notre Dame, etc. But the 2nd floor is also a treat for your taste buds with our Michelin-starred restaurant, the Jules Verne. It is also home to shops and dining options for the whole family. Don’t miss our delicious macaroon bar. The 2nd floor is also the last stop before the top.

2nd Floor Attractions

The Jules Verne Restaurant

French excellence

Treat yourself to some modern French gastronomic cuisine and a unique visual and culinary experience, all in an immaculate and classy setting.

There is private access to the Jules Verne restaurant from ground level via the south pillar.

Restaurants & stores


The Buffet

A spacious, modern buffet offers you a varied selection of meals and drinks when you need to eat in a hurry. For a gourmet break, sample the different flavours on offer in its macaroon bar. Other buffets can be found on the ground and first floors.


Chaillot Gift Shop

This gift shop sells trendy clothes and accessories for mend, women, and children: stock up on T-shirts, caps, scares, and bags… to give as gifts or to treat yourself!


Seine Gift Shop

Looking for a unique souvenir of Paris? Explore our customization store for laser engravings on glass and accessories: bespoke souvenirs!